Noah's Multi -Use Facility:Reception/ Conference Room

For this conference/reception room, the client asked for hardwood flooring for easy clean-up and maintenance. The challenge was adding enough soft surfaces to dampen the noise reverberation when the room is full. The solution: I framed out large damask fabric panels and paired with a warm neutral wall. The patterns in the art and furnishings give the reception room a shabby chic feel that is still masculine enough for a business meeting.


We selected these low voltage floral pendents from LBL Lighting. They are like a long flowing skirt. Perfect focal point for a space that hosts weddings.

Here is the oldest design trick it the book: If you want to expand your space, add a mirror. Even better, add one that has dividers like a window. These are from Ballard Design.

As a designer, it is often hard to find durable fabric that will hold up in a commercial building. I had these contract pieces upholstered in a fantastic fabric called Crypton. Almost anything can be cleaned off of this truly amazing textile. They need to make this amazing product more readily available to the mom's out there!

I wanted the third floor Lobby to be all about contrast. The chenille blue walls are juxtaposed with jet black accents. Floral motifs add interest and help to soften the space. Traditional architectural woodworking is combined with contemporary fixtures and accessories that make this lobby simple yet elegant.

Stair Case

We designed this staircase to be minimal in design yet maximum in impact. It is clad in an espresso stained walnut wood and contrasted with linen white trim and wainscoting. Tear drop finials help to unify the staircase with the other design elements in the room.


I wanted this balcony to have the feel of a hip cafe. The polished chrome tables are actually made out of recycled soda cans. This green idea really "pops".

Large Reception Room
This is the large reception room/basketball room at Noah's. I'm going to give this building a little plug here because this might be the most fascinating space in Utah. Can you believe this elegant space completely turns into a basket ball court? There are actually hidden hoops behind trap doors in the ceiling. When it is used for wedding receptions, chandeliers are lowered, and wooden ceiling grids can be decorated with lights, fabric, lanterns, or anything the bride dreams up. No two weddings ever look the same.

For this corridor, the owner asked for an outdoor feel because during the summer months the doors on the ends are left open to allow for a summer breeze to pass through. To bring the outdoors in, I custom designed iron lanterns and sconces, added wood beams across the ceiling, garden pavers to the floor, windowed mirrors, ornate benches,and some beautiful art for a touch of class and sophistication.

Theater Room

For this theater we added torch like sconces to the walls, a back-lit cove ceiling sets the movie mood, and theater gold and red paint cover the walls. With just a touch of a button the leather seats fully recline and blackout shades cover the the windows...popcorn anyone?

Racquetball Court
Racquetball sitting areas need to be easily cleanable for sanitation from the sweaty players bodies. I selected durable leather that could be wiped down after each use. Carpet tiles were used in case of a spill so that a single tile could easily be replaced instead of the whole carpet. Martha Stewart has a line of carpet tiles that are beautiful and practical for high traffic areas. They also can be used as area rugs. Check them out here.

Meeting Room/ Billiard Room

Double Billiard Room

White wainscoting protects the walls of this billiard/game room. A Tiffany inspired billiard light illuminates the tournament style table. For long, rectangular rooms, divide the room into multiple zones with the seating, lighting, and area rugs. This will make a large space more cozy and comfortable.

Conference Room

This furniture grouping of comfy leather chairs allows for an intimate setting for a small business meeting.

Roof Top Ice-skating Patio

This space hosts weddings in the summer and ice-skating in the winter. I wanted it to have the traditional feel of a southern patio. Since half of the year it doubles as a space for ice-skaters to warm up from the cold, I had to make sure the finishes and furnishings could hold up to the wear and tear of sharp skates.

Conference Room

I wanted the rooms on the 2nd floor to appeal to a younger crowd. I used lots of bright contemporary colors, warm hardwood flooring, and white woodwork. An orange creamsicle wall gives relief from the intense red hue of the leather chairs.


Above I used a primary colors color scheme with a modern twist.

Billiards Game Room
At Noah's all of the rooms are multi-use. The design challenge for this billiard room was to make it double as a bride's room when there is a wedding at the building. The end result is a balance for a bride and a super bowl party.

A designer constantly has to improvise when the finished space doesn't match the construction plans. Case in point: Under these pictures are ugly electrical boxes that were randomaly placed unevenly above the sink. I opted for an art gallery display to conceal the mistake. Shhh....don't tell.

My absolute favorite part of decorating is the artwork. It unifies a rooms color scheme and themes.


For this guest house/office project, the owner wanted a New York City loft feel for business and the occasional moment of relaxation. To achieve a hip but sophisticated look, I found some cool light fixtures and installed recessed lighting. I also had cherry-stained oak flooring and crown molding installed. To finish the look, a fresh coat of Robin's Egg blue paint.

This kitchen was very dated, with gold linoleum flooring, 70's style light oak cabinetry and matching faux wood counter tops. There was enough gold to make Michael Phelps jealous. When the client first considered an update he went to Home Depot for a bid. They suggested ripping out and replace the cabinetry, adding Silestone counter tops for a whopping $13,000. A little out of the clients budget to say the least. That is where I came in... Although the cabinets were out of style they were not in bad of shape. I decided to add a fresh coat of paint instead of tearing them out. To give the cabinetry new personality, I painted the walls white, added new hardware, and crown molding to the top. Then took a few of the doors to a glass shop and inserted a reeded glass panel. I replaced the counters with a slate Grey top . Then added a rich natural Travertine floor. The whole cost was about $1500.

Children's Rooms/Murals

Baby's nursery with painted mural

Painted dragon mural


Christmas Decor

Park City Office

For this Park City office "mountain design" was given a more contemporary flare to match the company's culture and brand. We started with earth friendly, reclaimed, and recycled products. Then, finished the job with bright bold colors to energize employees during the gray winter months.

Andy's Apartment

Andy turned two adjoining rooms in his parent's house into "his apartment." We pulled the colors from his favorite painting to give the fresh look you see above.

Noah's Conference/Multi Use Facility Lindon, UT

Racquetball Court
In the racquetball sitting area, synthetic wicker was used so it could be easily washed down. If there is a high traffic area in your home or office, consider bringing outdoor furnishings in. Pillows, furnishings, and outdoor rugs, can often be taken outside and cleaned with a hose.

Racquetball Court
I often run into the problem of having a piece of furniture in my mind but can't find it. That is when I turn to Four Chairs in Lindon, UT. Their showroom is darling, the prices are reasonable, and they can custom paint or refurnish anything you have.

The feel of the Lindon Noah's has a Ralph Lauren theme that is sophisticated and neutral enough for the wide range of events that take place at the building.

Board Room

Board Room
These comfy chairs are from Costco. They often have some great deals on home furnishings. Unfortunately, you can't hesitate because stuff moves super fast!

If you are wondering how to decorate a bookcase or a set of shelves, look at a catalog like Pottery Barn. They are often full of ideas on how to place your books, plants, and nick knacks in a visually pleasing way.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize. I am always amazed how a few well placed plants, rugs, and throw pillows can finish a room. T.J. Maxx is spectacular if you need a few final touches to top off a space.

Billiards Room
For this room I was forced to work with two cold concrete walls and an extremely low budget. Over the pool tables I used recycled lighting that once hung in a barn.

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